I give humble thanks to the support and devotion I have recieved from my students over the years. You enrich my life in more ways than you know.

I owe my love of ATS to my teacher, Carolena Nericcio and to all members FatChanceBellyDance, past and present.

— Kathy Stahlman

Below are testimonials from a few of my students.

“I took Kathy’s class for close to 2 years and she is one of the best dance instructors I have ever had. I feel I am much better dancer because of her and she is one of the reasons I still dance. She cares deeply about her students to learn the moves correctly and to have good foundation and at the same time her class is lots of fun. — Shohreh A.

“I was an ATS student of Kathy Stahlman’s for 3 years, and only left her classes because of her relocation to OR. She is a lovely, refined and passionate dancer; and a skilled and caring teacher and mentor. Since her departure from California I’ve shifted to another style of belly dance, but Kathy’s precision as a dancer and teacher and her emphasis on the “how” and “why” of the demanding ATS vocabulary taught me an awareness of body position and movement that allowed me to move easily into another style of belly dance.” –Anna B.

“Kathy was my first teacher in the belly dancing art. She is a great teacher in instructing belly dancing art with her systematic dance steps always paying attention to her students and emphasizing the correct ways before bad habits formed. Her classes are always fun with lots of devoted students who stay with her for years. She has not yet failed her students in her dedication, enthusiasm, and inspiration in the tribal belly dance art.” — Katie N.

“I have been taking Belly Dance classes for over 15 years from over 20 different instructors. I have to say that Kathy is very good at breaking down the dance moves in a way that an experienced dancer and a novice can understand and follow. The style of dance I had previously studied was completely different from ATS. I felt I had two left feet and was very frustrated, but Kathy helped me to understand the moves and not feel like a complete fool. She was very good at helping intigrate the new dance style into my repetoire of steps and still maintain my own individuality. I would highly recommend her as a dance instructor for anyone new to the dance or for experienced dancers like myself.” — Loretta R.

“I toook dance classes with Kathy for 2 years until she left for Oregon. It was a great loss for all of her students. Kathy is a unique teacher, I would say one of a kind: everybody in the class gets attention, corrections, explanations and we had an impression that there was nothing impossible. We were on the way of getting the knowledge of every move we needed to master practicing ATS! All her students progressed very fast and many of them became performing dancers inspired by Kathy, full of passion for this art form. I would definitely recommend her class to anyone interested in Tribal Style belly dance! — Olga R.

“Kathy Stahlman was my first introduction to Tribal Bellydance. She is an effective educator who incorporates her love for the dance with techniques and strategies for mastery. She helps new and experienced dancers build the strength and flexibility to move well and avoid injury. I dropped in on her classes as many times as my schedule permitted over the course of 2 year’s and I am always amazed at her ability to challenge her regular students while instructing drop-ins and transitioning them into new material. Kathy is well-known and beloved as the authority on the Tribal Style in San José, CA due to her beautiful dancing, wonderful teaching, and support of all styles in the San José dance community.” — Marcella A.