Resources to find out more about American Tribal Style® Bellydance:

FatChanceBellyDance ®- the source (literally), instructional DVDs, music, zils, cholis, skirts, pantaloons, ATS certification classes and more

Tribal Dance Wear – Skirts, Harem Pants, Cholis, Coin Bras, Swords, etc.

Flying Skirts – the original ATS®  costumer, choilis and 25-yard skirts are a must have for the Tribal dancer
Magical Fashions – skirts, skirts, skirts!!!
Tribal Bazzar importers of Tribal jewelery, tops, pants and skirts. Great stuff!
Saroyan Zills & Swords –  Finger cymbals/Zils (we like the brass Afghani zils)
Kult of Athena – great dance swords at a great price (we like the Balady Scimitar performance sword)
Under The Sun Belly Dance Bazzar – An online belly dance magazine and shopping site
Red Camel – jewelry and adornments from Morroco and India

Festivals for the ATS dancer:

Tribal Fest, Sebastapol, CA – The definitive, the original, the largest Tribal event – workshops, performances, shopping
Cues & Tatoos, Seattle, WA – Awesome improv-centric workshops, perforamnces, shopping

Teachers and Inspirations:

FatChanceBellyDance -San Francisco – the originators of ATS® (I am a proud alumni of Fatchance®)
Persephone Dance Comany – San Jose, CA – my former students and origional members of Tribal Moon
Blacksheep Bellydance, Santa Rosa, CA – they put Tribal Fest on the map
Troupe Hipnotica – Seattle – they bring us Cues & Tatoos
Manhattan Tribal – New York City – Mimi Fontanta directs this exciting New York-based ATS troupe
DJ Amar, Oakland, CA – a fixture in the Tribal Belly Dance world of rhythm and sound
Ashley Lopez, Portland, OR – an up and coming Tribal Fusion star
EeesaBella – Decatur, IL – an ATS and Tribal Fusion troupe