Weekly classes taught by Kathy Stahlman, director of Tribal Moon Belly Dance
former member of FatChanceBellyDance®
Winter Session Starts Tuesday, January 
Tuesdays: Mixed levels I & II: from 6:00pm to 7:00pm (Level I/ATS® and Tribal Improv – this is were it all starts.)

Location: All classes taught at Mari Fusion Dance Studio, 3319 Fishers Landing, North Las Vegas

Class Details

Mixed Level I & II/Tribal Basics & Beyond (Tuesdays) – 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Kathy has been teaching since 2002, and is a former member of FatChanceBellyDance®. This class series is great for anyone new to ATS®, and for dancers of all levels who want to refine their ATS® technique and skills.  From day-one you’ll learn and refine the art and philosophy that is American Tribal Style (ATS)®.  – Fun, informative, and supportive, classes are ongoing, you can start anytime.

Class fees – lots of options, from drop-in to multiple class discounts

Single Class: $12/drop-in, or one class card. This is a good deal if want to drop-in from time-to-time.

Class cards (the 4-pack): $40/4 classes (that’s $10/class for the 4 class cards)  You have 3 months to use up your 4-pack of 4 class cards, so no worries if you miss a class during the month. This is a great deal if you are taking one class a week.


2016 Workshops

***** March 2016 *****

March 23-27: Be Tribal, Mexico City, DF Mexico –  Open to everyone!

Past Workshops

*****October 2014 ***** Friday-Sunday, October 17-19, Mexico City, Mexico Get ready to expand your horizons, stretch your boundaries, and increase your collection of improvisational moves to use. This 6-hour immersion workshop introduces you to more than 15 Tribal Moon slow and fast steps

***** September 2014 ***** Friday – Sunday, September 12-14 in Silverton, CO Friday, Sept 12: Roots of ATS® Saturday, Sept 13: Beyond Basiscs, Cues & Transitions for Duets and Trios, and Dueling Duets for Fun and Drama Sunday, Sept 14: Spins & Turn, Beauty & the Blade/Improv Tribal Sword

***** May 2014 ***** Thursday, May 15 – Tribal Fest 14, Sebastopol, CA 4:30-7:00pm CREATIVE CUES & TRANSITIONS Calling all ATS®, ITS and SGI devotees – join Kathy Stahlman for her 4th ‘Creative Cues’ workshop at Tribal Fest on Thursday, May 15 from 4:30-7pm. This workshop uses classic ATS® moves to create modern variations including fun fast, sultry slow, group fades and passes, and more – all while staying true to the magic of Tribal Improv. This just in…bring your skirts….we’re going down the road less traveled to also learn and drill intro to skirt work rooted in Level 1 and 2 ATS® steps. May 1 – 4 – Belibeya, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Thursday, May 1: Tribal Arms & Hipnotic Hands, Roots of ATS(R) Friday, May 2: Tribal Shimmies Sunday, May 4: Beauty & the Blade

***** April 2014 ***** April 25-27 – Bellies for Bellies, DeCatour, IL Friday, April 25: Fades, Formations & Dance Angles Saturday, April 26: Beauty & the Blade, Spins & Turns Sunday, April 27: Yoga for Belly Dancers, Tribal Arms & Hipnotic Hands

***** March 2014 ***** Sunday, March 23, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV Workshop: BEAUTY & THE BLADE – IMPROV FOR SWORD This workshop has something for all dance styles, including ATS®, Group Improv, Tribal, and Cabaret dancers. With an emphasis on communication between dancers, we will learn and drill ‘sword friendly’ slow and fast moves suited for improvisational cues and transitions. You’ll walk away with plenty of ideas for creating improvised sword work for solo, duets, trios and more. Workshop participants don’t need previous sword experience, but you will need to bring your own dance sword (a dance cane or yard stick will be an OK substitute if you don’t have sword). Cost: $20 Time: 1:00-3:00 p.m. Location: Namaste Yoga Studio, 7240 W Azure, #115, Las Vegas, NV

Kathy is currently booking workshops and private tutorials. Interested in a private, semi-private or group workshop? Send Kathy an email at Kathy@TribalMoonBellyDance.com.