Tribal Fest 2013: Tribal Moon
2009: Tribal Moon Belly Dance, California
1998: FatChanceBellyDance(R) Left to right: Karen German, Suzanne Dante, Rina Rall, Kathy Stahlman, Carolena Nericcio
The Rise of Tribal Moon  – A Short Timeline
  • A move away from San Francisco in 2002 gave me an opportunity to start teaching. Late in 2005 I formed my own troupe, Tribal Moon with founding member Noelle Lenhard (daughter to Chuck and Kajira).
  • In December 2009  I moved from California to Oregon,  leaving behind  my beloved original members of Tribal Moon (who kept the ATS dream alive, stayed together and perform under the name Persephone Dance Company. They are amazing and I am so proud the be their ‘dance mama’).
2009 – Present day
  • Currently based in Las Vegas, I continue to teach classes and workshops at home and around the world and am grooming the next incarnation of dancers to be part of my troupe, Tribal Moon.
Kathy Stahlman is the founder and director of Tribal Moon Belly Dance. She  has been teaching Tribal Improv and ATS® classes in the US and worldwide since 2002,  building a reputation as a compassionate and skilled teacher and mentor who inspires her students.
Kathy has been interviewed by FUSE and Under the Sun, and was the featured cover story in the July/Aug 2013 issue of Zaghareet magazine.
As an early member of FatChanceBellyDance®, Kathy was involved in the making of FatChance instructional DVDs Vol 5 ‘Cues & Transitions’, and Vol 6 ‘Improv Choreography’, and is also in the ‘The 20 Year Retrospective, Director’s Cut’.

In addition to teaching dozens of workshops each year, Kathy is frequently invited to teach at the world’s leading Tribal festivals and events including: Tribal Fest™, Cues & Tattoos, Festival Tribal International, Belibeya, Bellies For Bellies, and Something Tribal This Way Comes. Kathy’s professional dance experience includes performing at world-class festivals, restaurants, fund raisers, art expos, and more, including:the Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Rakassah West, Tribal Fest, Festival Tribal International, Tribal Throwdown, Tribal Fusion Faire, Fantasy Festival, First Friday Artwalks, Dancin’ Downtown (for National Dance Week), Cabrillo Music Festival, Filmore San Francisco New Years’ Eve show, and Cafe Istanbul, Amira Cafe, Khan Zaman Restaurant in San Francisco.

She also teaches workshops in the US and worldwide, teaching multiple times at Tribal Fest® (the original international Tribal event), Festival Tribal International, Cues & Tattoos, MECDA (Middle East Culture & Dance Association) events, Tribal Immersion workshops in Colombia, Mexico, and Japan, and dozens of workshops throughout the United States.

I look forward to meeting all the dancers who are as obsessed with ATS as I am — you know who you are )O(

— Kathy Stahlman